SINGLE REVIEW: Kita Alexander – Between You & I

Returning with the post-summer track that you didn’t know you needed in your life, ‘Between You & I’ is a bold return for Kita Alexander. The Australian singer-songwriter gained momentum in 2015 and 2017 with her viral hits ‘Plain Sight’ and ‘Hotel’ but for this new release she dives into a festival ready sound. Citing influences from HAIM and Maggie Rogers, this song will instantly grab your attention with it’s groovy guitar riff and pulsating drums. Reflecting on the challenges of love, she questions the strength and power that love has and it becomes a hopeful anthem that encourages finding the lessons learnt in some of the hardest situations. “You know the hardest love you’ll ever find, between you & I. Well we’ve been wounded by a great divide, it’s just human nature”. Production wise, this is a big bold step-up for Alexander. She’s heading towards a different styled pop production that is bigger and even more commercially reachable. From a first listen you will be drawn in by it’s captivating hook and hopeful promise. But you will continue to hit replay because this song is a bonafide hit and a perfect re-introduction to who Kita Alexander is as an artist.


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