SINGLE REVIEW: Benee – Evil Spider

Bene is back and apparently she’s an evil spider. The New Zealand singer-songwriter had the world feeling a particular way with her groovy single ‘Soaked’ which dominated radio and streaming platforms with it’s infectious hook. After hitting the road for a run of headline shows she’s back with another moody little banger. ‘Evil Spider’ is a groovy track full of subtle emotion as she explains the feeling of wanting someone even though they are in a relationship. To hide the abruptive-ness of this somewhat controversial idea, she playfully compares it to the idea of being an evil spider and trying to lieu her pray into her web. “I am a spider. Creep up behind ya. Promise not to bite. Unless you’re hurting me”. It has quite a vivid imagery which will have you actively thinking about this concept whilst listening to it. For the production she leads this song with soulful guitars and smooth harmonies that are reminiscent of ‘Soaked’ with a similar production value. It’s a catchy track which does show a moody and darker side to her artistry which is an exciting thing. It will also make you even more intrigued to hear her debut EP ‘Fire On Marzz’ which is out in June.