SINGLE REVIEW: Safia – Resolution 

It’s an exciting time for SAFIA. Their sophomore studio album ‘Story’s Start Or End’ will be released later this year and after a year of touring and preparing their fans for this new moody direction, the Canberra three piece are ready to dive right into it. ‘Resolution’ leads the album with a slow burning cinematic moment that is moody and reflective. Reflecting on the internal struggle of two conflicting halves not agreeing on a general consensus as you search for freedom from your mind. “Are you giving me a resolution? ‘Cause I won’t think like that”. Throughout the verses, the production is very minimal and is quite a shift from SAFIA’s usually big pulsating tracks. As the track continues to evolve, the production becomes thicker with new elements introduced. With an impressive falsetto rounding out the track, they showcase another growth to their artistry and signal the start of a dreamy vision for this record whilst still holding on to all the key SAFIA elements.