It’s official, I’m convinced that CXLOE can do no wrong. Hailing from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, this singer-songwriter is destined for big things. Ever since releasing her debut single ‘Tough Love’ in 2017 she has captivated listeners with her honest songwriting and slick synth lead production. Earlier this year she dropped one of my favourite songs of the year with it’s DIY approach to the production and honest storytelling, ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ had you finding comfort within your insecurities. Ahead of her first headlining Australian tour which kicks off next week, she has decided to drop another fresh new banger that is bound to be on heavy rotation very soon. ‘Low Blow’ is a track that oozes confidence and attitude as she confronts an industry that has left her feeling a little dumb-founded at times. “Feelings, you only feel them on the weekend. Just in time to sink your teeth in. I used to treat you like religion, now you’re hard to believe in”. It’s a song you wish you could sing to anyone who has ever wasted your time or made you feel stupid for having lead you on in so many different aspects of your life. “Hit me below the belt, now I’m the psycho. I’m going out of my mind, you’re looking fine though. Oh, what a low blow”. It’s a song that anyone who has encountered the unfortunate Tinder dating lifestyle will also be able to easily relate to as the lyrics correlate well with the idea of someone using you. And don’t even get me started on the slick production. She manages to continue the DIY stylings of her last releases and still head toward a heavier pop polish in a huge way. This is one of her strongest tracks yet and I’m so excited to seep on hearing more from CXLOE.