SINGLE REVIEW: Kira Puru – Everything Is Better Without You

Kira Puru’s new single ‘Everything Is Better Without You’ is everything I wish I could say to my ex-boyfriend. It’s a confident anthem that reflects on the separation from a toxic relationship and the inner-search to find yourself again in the wake of it all. It’s a track that is full of sass, empowerment and emotion as she re-claims who she is as a person after feeling lost, confused and manipulated by the conflicting relationship she was in. During the euphoric chorus she exclaims; “You ask me how I’ve been, like we’re just friends. You really wanna know? I’m sorry but I’ve never been better. What can I tell you, everything is better without you”. She layers these honest and playful lyrics with a bold and groovy production that elevates the sound she introduced on her debut EP with a VERY polished delivery. The pulsating synths and groovy baseline will have you immediately drawn into this confident song. And the way the indescribable hook makes you feel just adds to it’s infectious nature. Kira Puru is the popstar Australia needs right now. She isn’t afraid to get vulnerable or be authentically herself. And she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I honestly wish I could confidently send this song to my ex boyfriend just so I could say “I was scared when we broke up, but I’m honestly doing so much better without you in my life now because I’ve re-found myself”. Growth is important and that’s what this song encourages and celebrates in it’s shiny and funky form. 

‘Everything Is Better Without You’ Tour 

Saturday 22 June – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Friday 28 June – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Friday 5 July – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Saturday 6 July – Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Friday 12 July – The Foundry, Brisbane 

Tuesday 30 July – UC Hub, Canberra

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