LIVE REVIEW: MØ – 256 Wickham

When you look through MØ’s discography it genuinely looks like a track-listing for a greatest hits album. Her singles and collaborations have topped the charts globally and are regularly spun in clubs and featured on many of your favourite playlists. The Danish singer-songwriter first came to Australia in 2015 for Splendour In The Grass before coming back in 2017 for Sia’s massive stadium shows with Charli XCX and Amy Shark. But now she’s back in the country for a run of regional dates with Groovin The Moo Festival as well as some exclusive side shows.

With the all ages Brisbane crowd making their way into 256 Wickham for the final hours of their Labour Day Holiday, they were prepared to get a little loose. Californian rapper Duckwrth kicked off proceedings with his funky mixture of Hip Hop and R&B whilst being joined by a DJ, lead guitarist and bassist. For a man with a whole lot of hype surrounding him, he lived up to all of it. Running onstage to the fiery ‘Start A Riot’ he rolled straight into ‘Start A Riot’, ‘Tamagotchi’ and ‘LILAMP’. At first the crowds energy seemed a little dry and you could tell Duckwrth was trying everything he had to get them to start bouncing. After continually encouraging the crowd to get lost in the music they finally came around during the playful ‘Throwyourassout’, ‘Crush’ and ‘Michuul’. Whilst playing songs from his recent releases, one of the stand out moments came from the unreleased ‘King’ which had an emotional and captivating pull. Working up a sweat through his funky dancing and continuous bouncing, he closed his set with ‘Fall Back’ before saying goodnight to the now pumped up Brisbane crowd.

Moody lighting covered the 256 Wickham Stage as MØ emerged to stand in front of a spotlight that casted a giant shadow behind her. Wearing a big wide brimmed hat she gracefully sang through tame opener ‘Purple Like The Summer Rain’ before showing the crowd just how crazy she can get with the energetic ‘Imaginary Friend’ and ‘I Want You To’. Jumping into the crowd early on to get up close and personal with fans, it was just a glimpse into how intimate and hands on this show would be. The hits ‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Get It Right’ had the singalongs erupting whilst ‘Pilgrim’ instantly took things back to her debut album. Being a long term MØ fan, I was a bit disappointed that this was the only song she performed from this record but in retrospective her music has evolved a lot since that release. However ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ and ‘XXX 88’ would’ve perfectly fitted into the vibe of the new show.

Dedicating ‘Red Wine’ to all of the people drinking in the venue, she jumped into the crowd and walked to the sound desk where she stood on top of it and serenaded a wine glass before breaking it in her hands. Looking at the sea of phone lights that illuminated around her she comfortably sang ‘Trying To Be Good’ and ‘Nostalgia’ before making her way back through the crowd to the front of the stage. “This next track is a love song, so if you’re in love, this one is for you” she exclaimed while introducing the anthemic ‘Nights With You’. Throughout her whole set her crowd interaction was on a whole other level. She was constantly jumping down to the front row and standing on the barrier and singing the lyrics right in the faces of her biggest fans. Slowing things down slightly with ‘Sun In Our Eyes’, ‘Turn My Heart To Stone’ and ‘Beautiful Wreck’ she turned up the energy with Blur’. To celebrate her time in Australia she exclusively performed her Like A Version cover of ‘3 Nights’ from Dominic Fike which she debuted in the Triple J studios last week. The crowd lost their minds and continued to as she heighted all those emotions with ‘Way Down’ and ‘Lean On’. After saying good night to the crowd, it was obvious that she would be back for an encore performance of some of her biggest hits. Closing out the show with ‘Don’t Leave’ and ‘Final Song’ it was obvious that she didn’t want the night to end as she crowd surfed through the venue before taking a bow with her band. Her interaction throughout the show was something like I had never seen before. All she wanted was to be amongst the crowd and physically contributing to the energy and it was contagious.

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Photos by Zac Montgomery

MO Australian Tour Dates

Wednesday 8 May – Metro Theatre

Thursday 9 May – Metropolis


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