All we want is a good EDM track with a big hook and a pulsating beat full of bounce and Bonka serve that straight up with their new single ‘Focus’. Collaborating with Australian singer/songwriter Bianca, they give you a track full of attitude, emotion and damn right catchiness. This track compliments their growing catalogue of bold dance tracks which are making them one of Australia’s most sought after electronic duos. To coincide with the single release, they are hitting the road throughout May – August for some big club shows.

I recently chatted to Lachlan Norton who makes up one half of Bonka about the creative process behind their new single ‘Focus’, collaborating with Bianca and how they want to continue to grow their live show. Check out the chat HERE;

TB: Your new single ‘Focus’ is out now in the world, so what emotion do you want people to walk away feeling after listening to this track?

LN: We just want people to be happy. We wrote the record with the intention of people singing and dancing to it. And seeing as it’s our most pop oriented record yet, hopefully it gets some people all around the people dancing to it in their cars, at the gym, in the clubs and wherever possible really.

TB: The song hears you teaming up Bianca, so how did this collaboration come together?

LN: It all came about when we were finishing up the record and were looking for a vocal. We were throwing around ideas of who might suit it and as soon as the idea for Bianca came about, we all agreed she would be perfect. And sure enough, it was!

TB: Bianca is an incredible songwriter who has worked with some amazing artists. So when she came in and did the top-line for this track, what became some of your favourite or most impactful lyrics from the song? 

LN: The lyrics and their meaning were all Bianca to be quite honest. Whether they were based on personal experience or just a wonderful bit of creativity is something she only knows the answer to. But personally, my favorite lyric is when she’s describing herself as “obsessive” when she finds someone she likes. It’s powerful and sets the tone for the rest of the song in terms of emotion and passion.

TB: Each month you guys produce a show called ‘Lets Go Bonkas’, so what has been the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourselves as artists from doing this?

LN: The biggest thing we have taken away from the podcast, especially when listening back is how far we have come not only as artists in terms of the music we play and produce but how we play it through the radio show which then carries into the live performances in both clubs and festivals.

TB: The last year has seen you guys on the road a lot across Australia and Asia playing shows non-stop. So what has been one of your favourite/funniest touring memories?

LN: There are lots of awesome moments, most of which we can’t share *laughs*. But the best moment was literally playing the NYD Festival at Eatons Hill. The amount of work we put into that show and for it to come together perfectly, was a massive moment not only for us but our team. Plus a big fireworks display on the last song to top it all off was absolutely incredible and a fitting end to what was a massive year for us in 2018.

TB: With the live dates constantly rolling out, how would you like to grow your live set?

LN: We literally are always trying to innovate and make our shows more interactive and enjoyable with any chance we get. So, the live set has been a huge step in the right direction for us in terms of taking our shows to the next level. When thinking of how to grow it, the thoughts that come to mind are just bigger and better in all aspects of the show! More singers and rappers, more pyro and production and a hopefully a better performance from us is how we would like to grow our live set.

TB: Let’s play a little game of rapid fire questions where I’m going to ask you some questions that you just need to answer with the first thing that comes to mind.

LN: Okay!

TB: Our pre show pump up song is…

LN: “Pump it” by the Black Eyed Peas which we also play in our show

TB: Pineapple on pizza is…

LN: An absolute must!

TB: The messiest member of Bonka on tour is… 

LN: Connor for sure!

TB: The emoji that best describes our new single is…

LN: The Flames

TB: If we weren’t called Bonka, we would be called…

LN: “The Pissed Idiots”, probably *laughs*

‘Focus’ featuring Bianca is out now



Friday 10 May – Criterion Hotel, Singleton

Saturday 11 May – Mary G’s, Lismore

Friday 24 May – Clarendon Tavern, Clarendon

Friday 31 May – Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Saturday 1 June – Ministry Of Sound Club, Sydney

Saturday 8 June – XS, Cairns

Friday 14 June – Sandstone Point Hotel, Sandstone Point

Saturday 15 June – Ipswich Infield Festival, Ipswich

Saturday June 15 – Criterion Hotel, Maryborough

Saturday 22 June – Flnders, Townsville

Saturday 29 June – Cartel, Mackay

Saturday 6 July – HQ Complex, Adelaide

Saturday 27 July – King Street, Newcastle

Wednesday 14 August – Mekka Races, Brisbane

Friday 16 August – Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Saturday 17 August – Rivaz, Renmark


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