INTERVIEW: Crooked Colours 

Oozing through your speakers with moody and pulsating beats, Crooked Colours have a unique atmosphere that they want to create through their music. Their sophomore studio album ‘Langata’ will be officially released on May 17 and hears them successfully cementing a moody and dark electronic sound which is so captivating and grand. The lead singles ‘Do It Like You’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ give listeners the perfect insight to what to expect from this record whilst tracks like ‘Never Dance Alone’, ‘Lose Someone’ and ‘Heart String’ will continue to impress them once they are released into the world and added to all your favourite playlists.

I recently chatted to Liam Merrett-Park from Crooked Colours about the creative process they went through for this record, what they’ve taken away as a band from their extensive touring past and found out what planet they wish they could have their album played on. Check out the chat HERE;

TB: What does the word ‘Langata’ mean to you guys? And what was it about that song that really embodied the whole essence of the album for you that you wanted to name the record after it?

LMP: It was the song that was written at the moment the whole album started to click. We had a bunch of demos floating around which we weren’t sure if they would be strong enough for the album or not and we almost had no direction. But when ‘Langata’ was written then everything seemed to fall into place. It was like the pivotal moment for us. And I guess, The light bulb “ahhhhh” moment.

TB: The songs on this record continue the moody and atmospheric vibes you introduced on your debut album ‘Vera’. So what was inspiring you melodically when you went into the studio to start working on this record?

LMP: Some songs were concepts that were written in that initial ‘Vera’ mind frame and then others came while we were touring. You can almost pair songs together and understand that they were written at a similar time like ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘Do it Like You’ were written just after a New Caledonia trip. ‘I C Light’ and ‘Just Breathe’ were written at the very end of the writing process while we were looking for some melodies that were different to the rest. ‘Hold On’ was written while we were in the US freezing our asses off and wishing for summer *laughs*. To be honest, time and place has a massive effect on our song writing

TB: These moody electronic songs have a vulnerable lyrical foundation when you strip it away. So what would you say is the most vulnerable moment for you as songwriters on this record?

LMP: ’Lose Someone’ is the most vulnerable in terms of songwriting and lyrical content. We have never had a song that is as slow or stripped back, which really puts Phil’s lyrics into focus. He poured a lot of what he was going through at the time into the lyrics. So it’s very emotional for sure.

TB: One of my favourite songs on ‘Langata’ is the Ladyhawke collaboration ‘Never Dance Alone’. So how did this collaboration come about?

LMP: This was one of the first tracks that we had written but then we sat on it as an instrumental for ages. We later recorded vocals for it but knew it needed something more, so we reached out to Ladyhawke and man she nailed it! She complemented Phil so well that I got goosebumps listening to it the first time.

TB: Atmospherically this album does almost transport you to a whole new world. So if this album was to be played on any planet other than earth what planet do you think it would suit?

LMP: Saturn! It’s a bit unique and different with many facets to it, a bit like Saturn which has the best ring system and a hexagonal North Pole. Dope.

TB: You will be taking this record out on the road at the end of April for Groovin The Moo Festival followed by a massive headlining tour. So reflecting back on your previous tours. What is the most important thing you’ve learnt about yourselves from playing live shows? And is there anything you want to improve on with these upcoming shows? 

LMP: The biggest thing we have learnt is that no matter how bad a show goes, you can’t carry that into the next one. It’s easy to be disheartened by a bad show and then bring that to the next which starts a spiral of decline. You just have to pick yourself back up and start fresh every single show.

TB: This album has a very unique and moody vibe to it. So how are you planning to visually bring it to life?

LMP: It’s funny that you have brought this up. Our vision for our lighting show is minimal but impactive. We want shadow with a salt and peppering of a stunning visual show.

TB: What new song are most excited or nervous to perform live in this next run of shows? 

LMP: Most excited will be ‘Never Dance Alone’! I can’t wait to share the euphoric end with the crowd. In term of being bervous, ‘Heart String’, because that song has a lot going on God damn!

TB: Lets play a little game of rapid fire questions where I’m going to ask you some questions that you just need to answer with the first thing that comes to mind.

LMP: Okay!

TB: Our pre-show pump up song is… 

LMP: ‘Seabird’ by Alessi Brothers. I’m not even kidding *laughs*

TB: Pineapple on pizza is… 

LMP: Shameful!

TB: The emoji that best describes our new album is… 

LMP: The fire one

TB: This morning I listened to…

LMP: This American Life podcast.

TB: The messiest person out of the three of us on tour is… 

LMP: Philip for sure!

‘Langata’ will be released on May 17. Pre Order HERE;


Friday 17 May – Metropolis, Perth

Saturday 18 May – The Tivoli, Brisbane

Sunday 19 May – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast

Friday 24 May – Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Saturday 25 May – The Forum, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Sunday 26 May – The Forum, Melbourne

Friday 31 May – Meow, Wellington

Saturday 1 June – Gelatos, Auckland

Friday 7 June – UC Refectory, Canberra

Saturday 8 June – Uni Bar, Wollongong

Sunday 9 June – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

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