SINGLE REVIEW: Madonna – I Rise

After the poor reception to ‘Medellin’, it doesn’t really surprise me that Madonna’s team has rushed out a follow up pop track to show people that she’s not going to stray too far away from her roots. ‘I Rise’ is a classic Madonna ballad. It’s dramatic, moody and empowering. Lyrically it fits very well into the concept of ‘Madame X’ and sees her embracing the negatives in her life and turning them into positives. Because after all, we need to experience bad times so we can grow and evolve as humans. But the important thing is to not wallow in it and feel defeated. “Cause I’m going through it. Yeah, I know you see the tragic in it. Just hold on to the little bit of magic in it. I can’t break down now, I can’t take that, I rise”. Whilst the concept for this song was good, it just feels a little average. It’s nothing that we haven’t heard from Madonna in the past, and it just sounds like a b-side ballad that she always has on her records. It’s nothing groundbreaking or shocking. And It’s nothing that is too controversial. For a song that was hyped to be politically moving, I expected more. it’s not a bad song, but it’s just not a great song. It does prove that she will have some classic Madonna content on this record which is promising because a whole record of ‘Medellin’ styled tracks would be way too much . 



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  1. Tough crowd! Lol! I think the song is brilliant.

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