SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Started

Iggy Azalea is on fire at the moment. From her vivid social media interactions you can immediately tell the she’s putting her heart and soul into the forthcoming sophomore studio album ‘In My Defense’. After an array of setbacks with her major record label, she’s parted ways and gone independent so she could give fans music more regularly and freely without time constraints. And she’s living up to that promise with the release of her new single ‘Started’. Following the release of the well received ‘Sally Walker’, she gets grittier and even more playful on a track that is all about owning who you are and been unapologetic about it. “I started from the bottom and now I’m rich. I got in my bag and I ain’t looked back since. I started to say sorry, but fuck that shit. You started out hatin’, now you love my drip”. The hook is sassy as fuck and will be in your head immediately with the very quotable lyrics that will be all over social media in no time. The beat is big and has this dark hip-hop layering that the likes of Cardi B have made mainstream. However her vocal melody is very similar to her early hit, ‘Black Widow’. Her rap flow is almost identical and you can’t help but begin to sing along to that rap in your head whilst listening. But with that minor little fault put aside, this track really does continue a strong reintroduction for Iggy Azalea, so hopefully she keeps the bold tracks coming.