SINGLE REVIEW: Diplo Feat. Tove Lo – Win Win

In my eyes Tove Lo can do no wrong. She is a Swedish queen with a discography of catchy and vulnerable tracks and a even more talented songwriting resume. So it pains me to even begin writing this review. Diplo and Tove Lo have teamed up for another track to add to his collection and it’s less impressive than you had hoped for. With a basic DIY beat that sounds like he’s just pulled from Garage Band, it feels like something you’ve heard a hundred times. With a gritty beat layered over it, he tries to switch it up but instead it ends up just sounding like every mid 2000’s underground dance track. Tove Lo’s dreamy vocals echo through the verse as she describes the mutual benefits and complexities of a one night stand. “I know you’re hurting, but I can kiss you better. And make you feel like I’m your long lost love”. With the un-impactful tone of the verses I was hoping it was leading up to a big drop but instead it somehow finds a way to get less interesting. Which makes this song a devastating collaboration that should’ve stayed as a deep cut in his live set.