SINGLE REVIEW: LoveMeDo – Re-Like You

In a week where so many big names are making their comebacks and releasing singles, it’s always a little nerve-racking for a newcomer to make their debut as you’re unsure whether they will get overshadowed by the big names they are competing against. But Central Coast singer-songwriter and producer Lovemedo’s debut single is a prime example of how decent pop music can just genuinely impress.

‘Re-Like You’ is a song with a whole lot of personality, emotion and feeling. From a first listen he draws you into this experimental and relatable world of pure honesty as he admits he still has feelings for his ex and cares about them even though he knows he shouldn’t. “I wanna see you, but I don’t want to re-like you” he teases.

The playful lyrics show a very candid and funny side of this subject whilst he backs up this concept with a really innovative production style with the sound of glass shattering and 80’s influenced synths and drums taking over.

It has a vey nostalgic feel to it whilst hinting at the idea that he may live in the future with a really thoughtful production style. His sound is reminiscent of LAUV, Troye Sivan an LANY with his synth indie-pop vibe layered in a DIY format.

The fact that this is his debut single as an independent artist is phenomenal because it immediately surpasses the likes of Taylor Swift and Martin Garrix with their average returns. And will have you wanting to know everything there is to know about him, so it’s time to get acquainted.

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