SINGLE REVIEW: Kim Petras – Got My Number

Kim Petras is the queen of releasing music regularly. Her release schedule over the last year and a half has been frequent and impressive with constant bangers being unleashed into the world. But after closing the chapter on phase one of her musical collection, she kickstarted phase two last week with the mature new single ‘Broken’. But let’s be real, Petras will always be a party animal at heart so it doesn’t surprise me that she’s quickly followed up the moody track with a bonafide pop banger. ‘Got My Number’ is everything you expect and want from the German singer-songwriter. It’s playful, fun, cute and obviously super catchy. Opening with “What’s up bitch?” she launches into an upbeat electronic pop meets trap beat that hears her signature auto-tune vocals gliding through playful melodies. “I don’t wanna be a good girl tonight. I just wanna be your bad girl, alright. Just wanna be your only one. You should hit me up. Boy you got my number”. With the catchy hook having the listener bouncing their way through the track, she really captures the upbeat pop sound that she wants to deliver with just enough grit. It also has a bit of early 2000’s nostalgia with it’s delivery and fits in well with the current pop trends.