SINGLE REVIEW: Banks – Gimme

Returning with a bold and definitive sound, Banks makes sure that everyone is aware that she knows what she wants and what she deserves. After the massive success of her sophomore album ‘The Altar’ which heard her giving listeners a darker, more aggressive and polished production she continues to get a little grittier and sassier with her new single. ‘Gimme’ is a perfect return for the singer-songwriter as it not only commands your attention on a first listen but it also commentates a very important self awareness movement where we need to start appreciating ourselves more. She  talks about knowing what you want and what you deserve and making sure get it because you do deserve it. And it helps that the hook is super catchy and after a first listen you will want to scream along to the hook. “Gimme, gimme, what I want, what I deserve. Gimme, gimme it”. The electronic production immediately gives throwback vibes to the likes of circa 2008 Timbaland with his glitchy synths and polished R&B meets electronic foundations. It has this captivating energy that makes you want to dance weirdly and sing at the top of your lungs. It is a great re-introduction to listeners and a continuation of the bold sound she injected into her music for her last record.