It’s only been a year in between visits for UK soul-funk outfit, Jungle, but with a new album out in the world it only seemed appropriate that they bounced back for another run of shows. Their sophomore record ‘For Ever’ hears them continuing that groovy eclectic sound that their debut record introduced and had them captivating audiences globally with their euphoric live show. With a string of sold out shows across the country, the seven piece band arrived into Brisbane for a night of pure soul and funk at The Tivoli. With bright lights flooding the stage, the crowd enthusiastically welcomed them as they walked out to kick off the show with ‘Smile’ and ‘Heavy, California’. “Brisbane, let’s make some serious noise tonight” they exclaimed as they delivered polished performances of ‘The Heat’, ‘Julia’, ‘Happy Man’, Beat 54’ and ‘Cherry’. Throughout the entire show I couldn’t help but be so impressed by how in-sync they were as a collective. With all of the members towards the front of the stage, they felt super connected with the crowd and it genuinely felt like a very united show. Every member on the stage had their moment to shine, whether that was through a solo or a highlighted moment. However it was guest vocalist Andro  who I couldn’t take my eyes off throughout the 80 minute show. He just has this unique energy where he was totally embodied by the music and vibing his way through the set. I couldn’t help but look at him and wonder “why can’t I be as cool as him?”. 

With a neon ‘Jungle’ sign hanging on the back curtain, the stage was lit appropriately with moody and transcendent lighting that lifted the vibe. With songs like ‘Pray’, ‘Lucky I Got What I Want’, ‘Plantoon’ ‘Casio’ and ‘House in L.A’ they kept the energy high and the singalong’s coming. Pumping the songs out one by one, they didn’t really talk to the crowd much as that would’ve interrupted the nostalgic vibe they had created. After saying goodnight they returned to the stage for ‘Busy Earnin’ and ‘Time’ which perfectly wrapped up their 80 minute show. The whole night was full of big soulful energy that had you grooving along with ease and smiling like no one was watching. 

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