ALBUM REVIEW: P!NK – Hurts 2B Human

P!nk’s last studio album, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ was a little cookie cutter at best. It was a positive and self-aware version of herself that we hadn’t really experienced before. We are used to the emotional and brash “fuck you” spirited singer-songwriter who has engaged audiences for over 17 years. But now with two kids and begin happily married, her creative energy has shifted to represent that personal growth. Her eighth studio album ‘Hurts 2B Human’ has been released halfway through her world tour for her last studio album and shows yet another artistic growth. Some of the tracks like ‘Hustle’, ‘Walk Me Home’, ‘Circle Game’, ‘The Last Song Of Your Life’ and the title track ‘Hurts 2B Human’ are a little safe with their deliveries and feel very cookie cutter still. But she does dive a little deeper on the other tracks and gives you some nostalgic and emotional moments. ‘(Hey You) Miss You Sometime’ is an immediate throwback to her early material with it’s playful pop-r&b production and playful lyrics. “Hey, why you fucked up my life? So hey, why do I miss you sometimes?”. It just has a fun beat that you can already imagine getting a very sassy live performance. She gets a little predictable dance-pop on ‘Can We Pretend’ but it works with it’s radio ready hook that will be stuck in your head. Followed by the angsty ‘We Could Have It All’ which sounds like it belonged on her ‘Funhouse’ record with it’s throwback pop-rock energy. 

However a lot of this record does fall into the emotional category with some reflective an vulnerable lyrics. ‘My Attic’ is a beautiful track that is about opening up and allowing herself to be vulnerable with someone else whilst the country penned ‘Love Me Anyway’ with Chris Stapleton hears her pleading a lover to take her for who she is which will undoubtedly become a single further down the track. The honest ‘Happy’ which is co-written by Sasha Sloan and Teddy Gieger will have your heart feeling a little heavy as she delves into her self-confidence issues. “I don’t wanna be this way forever, keep telling myself that I’ll get better. Every time I try, I always stop me. Maybe I’m just scared to be happy”. It’s hearing these honest moments that makes you love P!nk even more because they are so candid and raw. She even gets a little experimental with Wrabel on ’90 Days’ which is a vocal heavy track that doesn’t rely on a big production to capture your attention. With all the strong songwriting credits on the album there is only one song that feels a little gimmicky and that is the Sia penned ‘Courage’. There’s nothing about the song that feels like a P!nk track. It just feels like a Sia cover with her signature vocal runs that are becoming so over-done. But as a whole ‘Hurts 2B Human’ does feel a lot more genuine within it’s foundations and feels a lot more whole conceptually than ‘Beautiful Trauma’. 

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  1. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to listen to the full album properly, but my first impression was that it has been released to soon after Beautiful Trauma. Maybe I have to listen better to it to know its value. I’m not saying that I don’t like it, because I do. I just have to listen properly.

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