ALBUM REVIEW: Nick Murphy / Chet Faker – Run Fast Sleep Naked

After the massive success of Chet Faker’s debut album ‘Built On Glass’ in 2014 he decided to have a well deserved break from the world. Throughout this little hiatus he decided that when he came back to music that he would re-introduce himself through his birth name, Nick Murphy. His sophomore record ‘Run Fast Sleep Naked’ is a very different affair compared to his debut, and hears him maturing and searching for his sound within his roots. For this record he’s also enriched his sound and explored different production techniques compared to the DIY home studio foundations that his debut was created from. Enlisting the help from 15 musicians and a full orchestra, this album will take you on a journey of deep feels and cinematic appreciation. Opening track ‘Hear It Now’ perfectly compliments this approach, with a cinematic soundscape of harps and strings that offer that very dreamy sound. ‘Harry Takes Drugs On The Weekend’ grows from that sound and incorporates a groovy pulsating beat that flows in and out of the production. Lead single ‘Sanity’ s a song that elevates the sound you were first introduced to on his debut album to a whole new level. With a pulsating production that leads into a big nostalgic hook you will be wanting to sing this self reflection track loud and proud. This track is very much THE “mainstream” song from the collection’ with ‘Sunlight’ and ‘Yeah I Care’ coming as a close second. He gets a little experimental on ‘Some People’ and ‘Novacaine And Coca Cola’ before getting all dramatic and moody on ‘Never No’. But it’s ‘Dangerous’ that stands out as one of the albums strongest and most fulfilled moments. It feels like a mature centre-piece that is very arty and dignified. The production grows and evolves throughout the track which is quite similar to the whole listening experience of this album. Don’t go into listening to ‘Run Fast Sleep Naked’ by thinking that this is a ‘Built On Glass 2.0’ because it’s not. This is a mature evolution of who Nick Murphy is as an artist and feels very confident within it’s roots. 

You can purchase a physical copy of Nick Murphy / Chet Faker’s new album from Sanity HERE; 

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