SINGLE REVIEW: The Chainsmokers feat. TY Dolla $ign & Bulow – Do You Mean

The Chainsmokers took to social media to announce that they were worried about releasing a song on the same day as Taylor Swift. But really, these guys didn’t have anything to worry about. Not only is there material completely different to what Swift will be dropping, they have also recently found a new edge with their sound. Departing from that predictable electronic pop format that they fell into for a while, the production duo have recently found some inspiration to get a little more experimental and darker with their sound. ‘Do You Mean’ hears them teaming up with TY Dolla $ign and Bulow for a moody dance track about trust issues. We live in a world where relationships are tricky and we always have to question ourselves of someones intentions. It stems from how connected the world is now on so many different platforms, that our trust issues have say rocketed.  In conjunction with that, we always question someones motives. “Do you mean, do you mean what you say? What you said, nah, you can’t take away. You’re my Gospel but I’m losing faith, losing faith”. What instantly surprised me about this song is that TY Dolla $ign didn’t annoy me with his vocal delivery. Usually he’s pretty forgettable at best and has some annoying ad-libs that makes the song unlistenable. But for this track he strips it back and just harmonises with Andrew Taggart and Bulow and keeps the mood growing. Lyrically one of my favourite lines comes from Bulow’s solo verse where she calls out her lovers lame excuse. “It’s not you, it’s me. Come on, seriously. Heard that once or twice before. You got that straight from a movie”. It adds a sassy layering to the moody content and instantly stands out to listeners. The production is dark and moody but is also mainstream enough that you could hear it on radio. It’s a sound that I am really loving from these guys as they continue to impress me after years of disappointing me with predictable pop crossovers.