SINGLE REVIEW: Lauv – Drugs & The Internet

It’s quite exciting that anxiety and depression are being talked about more openly now in social contexts because for so long it was taboo or really misunderstood. Where as now we have more people talking up about it and normalising their experiences which makes the future of education for these issues more promising. Another artist who has openly talked about his struggles with anxiety and depression is American singer-songwriter Lauv. His new single ‘Drugs & The Internet’ reflects on how his anxiety and depression saw him swapping his real life friends for medicated drugs and social media connections from the comfort of his bed. His mental health saw him not feeling comfortable to go out in public and socialise because all he wanted was to keep to himself. “I traded all my friends for drugs and the internet. Ah shit, am I a winner yet? Look quick, is he a winner yet?”. He reflects on this transition in his life and commentates on his understanding of what was going on in his mind. It’s a really cool concept that needs to be talked about more and brought into the mainstream media because it is something a lot of people are struggling with. However sonically this song is pretty forgettable. The production just doesn’t live up to the expectations that his previous music has set and falls a little flat with it’s delivery. The melodical idea is there but it just feels like something is missing. The beat is almost a bit too aggressive for the lyrical content, so it doesn’t really translate well and create the thought provoking experience that he wants you to have.