ALBUM REVIEW: Rob Thomas – Chip Tooth Smile

The soothing and reflective vocals of Rob Thomas soundtracked a major part of my childhood through the classic Matchbox Twenty songs ‘Unwell’, ‘Push’, ‘3AM’ and ‘How Far We’ve Come’ which all dominated at radio. But on the side of fronting this incredible band, Thomas also has a very successful side project which heard him also topping the charts with ‘Lonely No More’, ‘Little Wonders’, Ever The Same’, This Is How A Heart Breaks’ and Her Diamonds’. So basically, one way or another he was aways on radio and making his way through the airwaves. It’s been four years since his last solo release and seven years since the last Matchbox Twenty release, so it’s about me that he gave us something new. His fourth studio album ‘Chip Tooth Smile’ is a decent collection of nostalgic sounding pop-rock tracks that hears him returning to his roots. Some songs like ‘One Less Day (Dying Young)’, ‘Funny’, ‘Breathe Out’ and ‘It’s Only Love’ are a little cheesy with their simple melodies but he impresses with his experimentation on other tracks. Packing gritty and funky guitar riffs, ‘I Love It’ is a bold moment that makes the folk inspired ‘The Man To Hold The Water’ and ‘the pop rock ballad ‘Can’t Help Me Now’ standout with their unique production strengths. ‘The Worst In Me’ hears him trying to be too experiment with an annoying doorbell sound driving you insane and making the song unbearable. For ‘Early In The Morning’ he channels the vocal stylings of Phil Collins with it’s dramatic strings that make this song sound straight out of the 90’s. Whilst the 80’s inspired ballad ‘Tomorrow’ becomes an instant favourite alongside the playful and polished anthem ‘Timeless’ which you could easily leave on repeat all day with it’s catchy hook. “All this talk of modern love. I know what you’re thinking of, our love is timeless, timeless, timeless”. He plays to his strengths on ‘Chip Tooth Smile’ which is something he’s always done so it’s no surprise that this collection of tracks suits him and is memorable in it’s own way. Is it his strongest solo album? No, but there are some strong moments that are fun and cute that your mum will surely love. 

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