ALBUM REVIEW Marina – Love & Fear

It’s safe to say the hype around the return of Marina wasn’t what she or her label expected. It had been four years in between records and people were genuinely interested to see where she would sonically go next. By fronting her return with ‘Handmade Heaven’ and ‘Baby’ she left listeners a little underwhelmed with their tactless hooks and forgettable melodies. In a mission to try convert people’s thoughts she decided to “surprise drop” the first half of her album which didn’t seem to restore peoples faith well. The only songs that really stood out were ‘Enjoy Your Live’ and ‘True’ which out of eight songs is not a great result. But with the second half of the album finally out in the world listeners can now hear the full product and make up their final decisions. The ‘Fear’ side of the record is a whole lot stronger which makes me question why they didn’t lead with these songs. ‘Karma’ is a commercial hit waiting to be unleashed that continues the latin vibes of ‘Baby’ but is less annoying and is more polished with it’s pop delivery. She continues this tropical dance production on ‘You’ and ‘No More Suckers’ before getting a little more dreamy on the electronic ‘Too Afraid. She returns to her roots on ‘Emotional Machine’ by giving fans a song that sounds like a b-side from ‘The Family Jewels’ and if you’re a long term Marina fan then you will be ecstatic about that concept. The albums most relatable track is ‘Life Is Strange’ which just sums up all my feelings in about 3 minutes. “Don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but maybe there’s no wrong or right. Cause everybody feels the same, and all I know is life is strange”. The only songs that are a little forgettable on this side of the album is the classic Marina ballad ‘Soft To Be Strong’ and the generic ‘Believe In Love’ which brings nothing original to this collection. Compared to the first half, this portion of the record is a lot stronger and will be where I expect she will draw most of the material for her upcoming live shows from as they have a bit more power and substance behind them. 

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