SINGLE REVIEW: Kim Petras – Broken

Leading up to this moment, Kim Petras has released very playful, flirty and gimmicky tracks that have instantly become the soundtrack to many people’s summers. With her debut album expected to be released later this year, the German singer-songwriter has dropped the lead single from this upcoming collection. Produced by Dr Luke, she uncovers a new side to her artistry that we haven’t really heard yet. The vulnerable ‘Broken’ comes in the wake of a break-up where she was left absolutely broken and unsure of where to go next. Questioning who she was and who she wanted to be, she decided to pick herself up instead of sitting in her misery for too long and even though she was broken she knew she would eventually get better. So that’s where this song picks up from, it looks at her moving on and living her life to the fullest whilst still feeling broken from what had happened. She confesses that she hopes one day he will be left broken the way he left her. And let’s be real, if you’ve ever had your heart broken then that is something you’ve definitely wished upon the other person. “Pray to God, pray to God that she leave you broken, broken. Like you left me broken, broken”. In Petras’ past we are used to big bubblegum synth production so it’s quite exciting to hear her mellow this track out with a hip-hop inspired beat. The dark and moody production perfectly matches the vulnerable storyline as she delivers a strong flow of lyrics and memories. It’s a strong continuation of who she is becoming as an artist but if you’re not digging the emotional vibes I’m sure you can expect more party anthems to come but it’s nice to hear her evolving.