SINGLE REVIEW: FKA Twigs – Cellophane

It’s been a long time between releases for FKA Twigs. The English singer-songwriter was first introduced to the world with her highly acclaimed debut album ‘LP1’ which showcased her unique sound and visual imagery that also saw her immediately touring the world and selling out shows. In time it became apparent that you would never know what to expect from her and that’s become apart of her schtick. Following the release of her one-off single ‘Good To Love’ in 2016, FKA Twigs has finally re-appeared with the first single from her forthcoming record ‘LP2’. Continuing with that experimental journey her debut album embarked on, ‘Cellophane’ isn’t exactly what you expected from her but it’s also as artsy and weird as you did expect. The song takes you on it’s own unique journey of heartbreak and self discovery through a very candid and raw storyline. She candidly questions why she wasn’t enough for her lover during the opening verse of the track which immediately soaks you into it’s raw evoking emotion. “Didn’t I do it for you? Why don’t I do it for you? Why won’t you do it for me when all I do is for you?”. Before admitting “But I, just want to feel you’re there and I don’t want to have to share our love”. At the raw base of this song, there is a whole lot of emotion. Emotion that is conveyed through her heart breaking vocals as well as these visual elements. But where the song loses itself is through the abstract production. It’s very DIY and experimental which has always been the format of FKA Twigs music in the past but for this song she loses some of the emotion. I wanted it to take the listener on an emotional and resurrecting experience but instead you find yourself trying to digest all the different sounds and vocal techniques throughout it’s duration when it could’ve been a lot more simplistic and effective. But a sidenote; the visualiser for this track is STUNNING.