SINGLE REVIEW: G FLIP – I am Not Afraid 

Life is unpredictable. There is no handbook to study up on what to expect or on how to deal with situations that may arise. Instead you just have to live life and make it up as you go which is a terrifying concept. How do you do deal with the negative situations? How are you meant to keep a positive outlook when everything is looking so grey? That is a question a lot of us ask on the daily and the simple answer is, you just have to be not afraid of failure. Now, this is easier said than done but what G FLIP has done is turned this bleak advice into an uplifting and empowering anthem. ‘I Am Not Afraid’ hears the Melbourne singer-songwriter giving a cinematic and dramatic soundscape that follows in the footsteps of ‘About You’ and ‘Bring Me Home’. With it’s vulnerable storyline she decides to be brave and stand up to the negative situations that are happening in her life and be the bigger person. “I am not afraid to do this alone. I know that it’s sketchy but I am my own home”. It’s all about rising above it all and the moody and strong production perfectly reflects that. Layered with smooth keys and synths the song instantly feels very dramatic and serious as she begins to pick up the pieces of what is left behind and stand tall. As she reaches the third verse an epic drum solo then transports the song into to an arena ready anthem which is going to become an epic moment in her upcoming live show. So if you happen to have tickets to her upcoming sold out Australian tour next month then you’re in for a very memorable night of future anthems.