EP REVIEW: The Vamps – Missing You

The Vamps debut album was a strong affair. It felt organic but had a big mainstream pop feel to it at the same time. From there the UK four-piece started to divert away from the pop rock sound and headed towards a generic electronic vibe which had exceeded it’s use by date. I’ve been patiently waiting for them to get vulnerable again and return to their roots but it’s been a long wait. Finally they’ve decided to strip it back and have returned with the genuine ‘Missing You’ which really highlights their strengths as a group. This emotional pop track is a boy-band ballad and they would probably hate that phrase, but it is. But it’s a great boy-band ballad so they should embrace it. The heartbreak theme hears them reflecting on not being able to get over someone and always missing them. “I look for love, but there’s a space inside my mind. Well, I keep on missing you, I keep on missing you”. It’s romantic and cute. To back up this track they’ve released an EP with three other tracks. ‘Right Now’ is that generic electronic pop song that you knew was coming and you could honestly skip it as it would have the same effect.  ‘Waves’ is melodically somewhere in between ‘Missing You’ and ‘Right Now’ and it proves that they could focus on a sound that is a bit of both. They then wrap up the EP with an acoustic version of their Alok collaboration ‘All The Lies’ which is unquestionably better than the original. Hopefully this EP is a positive sign that they are heading back in the direction of their debut and returning to that vulnerable pop you originally fell in love with them for.