SINGLE REVIEW: SZA feat. The Weeknd & Travis Scott – Power Is Power

I wouldn’t exactly call this a SZA track. After all it is The Weeknd who does majority of the vocals with SZA coming in a close second and Travis Scott just doing classic Travis Scott. ‘Power Is Power’ is taken from the highly anticipated Game Of Thrones Final Season Soundtrack which includes some of the industry’s biggest names. So it doesn’t come as a massive surprise that these three have teamed together for a track. It’s obvious that what they wanted was another ‘All The Stars’ but darker. However they haven’t done that. What they’ve done instead is a moody RNB meets hip hop track full of dark production and empowering attitude. “A knife in my heart couldn’t slow me down cause power is power, the fire never goes out”. Citing influence from a scene in the first episode of the new season, they admit that power is power in a very dark and empowering way. But it’s SZA’s pre chorus that stands out lyrically the most with the line; “Heavy is the crown, but never for a queen”. Which could’ve had a stronger execution with the production and structure. This track isn’t like ‘All The Stars’ where you immediately get the hook stuck in your head and feel euphorically apart of the song. instead it is a moody track that grows on you and that’s about it.