SINGLE REVIEW: Carly Rae Jepsen – Julien

In less than a month Carly Rae Jepsen is going to release her highly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Dedicated’ which is promised to be a collection of synth pop goodness. The first three singles ‘Party For One’, ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ and ‘No Drug Like Me’ have been layered with slick synth beats and relatable lyrics that continue the sound ‘Emotion’ introduced. With the records release date looming she has dropped another single but this time it’s a little predictable. As a standalone track ‘Julien’ is a good song, but when you sit it next to the rest of her material it’s a little boring. It’s just a sound that has been done before and the hook doesn’t give you that euphoric or emotional feeling that previous tracks have done. Instead it’s just a little flat. the concept of the track is really cute and tells the story of a long lost love that she prays will come back but knowing deep down that he probably won’t. “To the end, through the last breath that I breathe. I’ll be whispering, Julien”. It’s a cute concept that I want to blast and love, but I just don’t. And it may grow on me through multiple listeners but instead I think I’m just going to listen to ‘No Drug Like Me’ because that’s a stronger and more dominative track.