LIVE REVIEW: Basement Jaxx VS The Metropolitan Orchestra – QPAC

Basement Jaxx are no strangers to the touring circuit of Australia. They’ve played festivals like Big Day Out and Good Vibrations as well as played some very energetic headline shows across the country but this visit sees them giving audiences something a little different. Returning for an exclusive run of orchestral shows, the British electronic duo have teamed up with Sydney’s The Metropolitan Orchestra for four unique shows. As the Brisbane crowd made their way into the packed QPAC for the last night of the tour, it was immediately noticeable how diverse the crowd was. You had the classic ravers who were reliving their past lives, the old school electronic fans who have matured and were intrigued by the concept and then you had the orchestral fans who wanted to be apart of this exclusive show. 

With The Metropolitan Orchestra taking to the stage, Basement Jaxx followed with a massive cheering from the crowd along with their live band. With an almost unrecognisable instrumental version of ‘Red Alert’ kicking off the show, Sharlene Hector made her way onto stage for ‘My Turn’ donning this incredible and regal gold dress and head piece that I would love to wear to the supermarket, just cause. Adapting to their surroundings they incorporated Indigenous musician William Barton to play the Didgeridoo whilst a contemporary ballet dancer performed in an Alien headpiece. This gave a unique inclusion of who they were performing with and who they were performing for which was a really nice touch. Dressed in a beautiful silver and white dress, Vula Hector made her way onto the stage for ‘Rendez-Vu’. Addressing the crowd halfway through the song she added, “I know this is an orchestra show but let’s have a good time tonight!” before having a little cheeky twerk in her gorgeous dress. 

The alien dancer returned to this stage, this time with an children’s choir in tow for a unique and incredible rendition of ‘Where’s Your Head At’. It was during this moment that the audience really understood the uniqueness of this show as it combined two things you would’ve never imagined for this iconic song. ‘Good Luck’ then got it’s fiery Tina Turner meets a night at the orchestra rendition with Vula Hector and Lisa Kekaula which was as perfect as you could imagine. Changing the contrast, William Barton walked through the crowd singing before returning to the stage for a Didgeridoo and Violin rendition “If I Ever Recover’. 

With Sharlene Hector returning to the stage for a cinematic rendition of ‘I Want U’, it felts like a scene straight out of The Greatest Showman which made you instantly spellbound. Lisa Kekaula returned with the dancer now in an intense black cape for a dark and moody rendition of ‘Don’t Give Up’. “Okay everyone it’s that time of the night! Get up off your feet and let’s dance” Vula Hector screamed whilst the party vibes were ignited for ‘Do Your Thing’. They continued the party vibes with a euphoric performance of ‘Romeo’ which was every bit nostalgic and brilliant. Thanking the crowd, Felix Buxton came to the front of the stage and introduced the orchestra, conductor, vocalists, the children’s choir and the dancer who all helped bring this show to life. Performing one final instrumental the crowd left the theatre impressed by the diversity and uniqueness this show highlighted. For long-term fans of the electronic duo, this show was very different to how they had witnessed them previously but it was something that felt extra special. It was a concept that isn’t done all the time but when it’s done it becomes very memorable. 

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