SINGLE REVIEW: Madonna feat. Maluma – Medellin

Madonna is and forever will be an icon. She’s paved the way for pop and female artists alike and continued to deliver a visionary collection of material. Even in some of Madonna’s most questionable era’s (that’s a reference to ‘MDNA’ and ‘Rebel Heart’ for you), I could find the artistic brilliance and genius mind that has been behind her music throughout her entire career. Sadly that reign has seemed to come to a half with her fourteenth studio album ‘Madame X’ because I have no idea what she was thinking with releasing this lead single. ‘Medellin’ is a weak and confusing track that tries to hard to be experimental and polished that it loses it’s important foundations. Madonna never has and never will do anything simple so whilst she’s tried to indulge herself in the Latin culture and sound while being classic provocative Madonna, she’s made something which is unlistenable. After a first listen all the way through, I kinda hope I never have to listen to it again. It’s not that it’s a horrendous song, it’s just that it’s nothing special nor is it worth four minutes of my time. Maluna’s guest verses are average at best and should elevate this song to a new height but it’s just predictable and boring because it sounds like everything else on the radio right now. Sadly Latin music is the current “in trend” and creating a Latin song is no longer innovative or gimmicky. So hopefully she steps up her game with her next release because so far ‘Madame X’ has become my least anticipated Madonna album of all time and that really kills me to say that. Because to me Madonna is the ultimate pop icon. She is the ultimate performer. And she is the ultimate controversial queen. Let’s not forget that The Blond Ambition World Tour will always go down in history as one of the best shows of all time and that’s a fact.