LIVE REVIEW: Meg Mac – The Tivoli

It was only a year and a half ago that Meg Mac was standing on The Tivoli stage looking out to a sold out crowd that were singing the lyrics from her debut album ‘Low Blows’ back to her. Now she’s back as she prepares for the release of her new mini album ‘Hope’ on June 7 to another sold out crowd who are just as excited to see the Triple J favourite. As Patti Smith’s ‘Because The Night’ is blasting through the venue, the lights dim as her band make their way onto the stage grooving along to the ultimate 70’s track. With the opening keys of ‘Ride It’ welcoming her onto the stage, she confidently walked out rocking her signature white brim hat to a massive roar from the crowd. “Thank you, it’s so nice to be back in Brisbane. It’s only the third show of the tour so we are so ready to play you this new show”. Throwing it back to old favourites ‘Turning’, ‘Grace Gold’ and ‘Every Lie’ she had the crowd instantly singing along.

With massive light stands at the back of the stage and light bars under her microphone stand, it was safe to say that Meg Mac has stepped up her production since the last time we saw her and made sure this lighting show was next level. And she’s also stepped up her stage presence as she commands the crowds attention not just through her powerhouse vocals but through her intriguing and powerful presence. With the nature of this tour being before the release of her new album, it comes as no surprise that she premiered a couple of new unreleased tracks throughout her set. The standout moment comes from the moody title track ‘Hope’ which she describes as a “sad depressing song about hope”. Whilst soaked in red lights, she belts out lyrics like “I’ll hope till it kills me” and “They don’t worry about me” which will have you feeling all of the emotions. Taking it back to her already released material ‘Grandma’s Hands’, ‘Brooklyn Apartment’, ‘Maybe It’s My First Time’, ‘Didn’t Want To Get So Low But I Had To’ and ‘Cages’ brought back the singalong’s whilst a keyboard cover of ‘If You Want Me To Stay’ had the crowd lighting up their phones and swaying them throughout the theatre creating a very magical and soothing sight. 

“This is the Give Me My Name Back Tour and I do have a new album coming out on June 7. So I guess I should play you that song, shouldn’t I?” she teased as she brought that empowering song to life followed by new single ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ which is a lot stronger in it’s live format. Wrapping it all up with ‘Low Blows’, Something Tells Me’ and ‘Never Be’ she quickly said good night to the crowd and walked off stage. After a brief chant she returned to the stage and admitted that her most requested song to play live is surprisingly her Triple J Like A Version cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Let It Happen’, so she obliged to play it before offering a big rendition of ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’. As she reluctantly said good night she vowed to see the crowd very soon and with her album out in less than 2 months lets hope it is intact very soon. Compared to her last show at The Tivoli she has impressively grown so much and now commands that space in a whole different way whilst not losing the essence of who she is as an artist. 

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Photos By Luke Cummins

Give Me My Name Back Australian Tour

Sunday April 14 – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast *SOLD OUT*

Friday April 26 – Meow, Wellington

Saturday April 27 – Tuning Fork, Auckland

Friday May 3 – The Wool Exchange, Geelong *SOLD OUT*

Saturday May 4 – The Forum, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday May 8 – ANU, Canberra *SOLD OUT*

Thursday May 9 – Uni Bar, Wollongong *SOLD OUT*

Friday May 10 – Newcastle Uni, Newcastle *SOLD OUT*

Thursday May 16 – Tanks Art Centre, Cairns *SOLD OUT*

Thursday May 23 – Hobart Uni, Hobart

Thursday June 13 – HQ Complex, Adelaide 

Friday June 14 – Astor Theatre, Perth *SOLD OUT*

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