SINGLE REVIEW: Jessica Mauboy – Sunday

So hold your thoughts right there, Jessica Mauboy may have just released the comeback single of 2019. Now I know that’s a big call to make but the Australian singer-songwriter has absolutely taken control of her future and manifested something big, bright and powerful. ‘Sunday’ is the first track from her forthcoming fourth studio album and hears her getting soulful on this retrospective track. Taking inspiration from her last single ‘Fallin’, she moves forward with this sound and mixes it up with her classic R&B roots that you were first introduced to on her debut album ‘Been Waiting’. After a first listen you will be singing along to the euphoric hook instantly and hitting replay over and over again. It’s just one of those songs that hits you right in the gut and has you feeling an uplifted kind of way. It reflects on a fight that Mauboy had with her partner on a Saturday night that rolled into the next day and had her just wanting them to have a relaxed and enjoyable Sunday. “That ain’t on me, it’s on you, I don’t wanna tell you what you should do. Cause I just want me and you chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon”. It has a sassy lyrical delivery that turns into something really cute and empowering. Mix that in with her gospel inspired soul harmonies that drive the chorus into a whole new territory. It makes this song instantly stand out and welcomes her back into the hearts of Australians that were first introduced to her when she was only 16 years old on Australian Idol. Now at 29 years old she showcases a whole lot of growth and maturity not just as an artist but as a human as well. It’s a very exciting re-introduction that promises this return to be massive and career changing for the singer-songwriter, and it’s honestly what she deserves. Get ready to be singing along to this one for a long time.