SINGLE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding – Sixteen

For her upcoming fourth studio album, Ellie Goulding promised fans that she would be returning to her roots with what she describes as a sonical follow up to her highly acclaimed record ‘Halycon’. But so far with the release of ‘Close To Me’ and ‘Sixteen’ I’m seriously questioning the accuracy of that statement. The promotional track ‘Flux’ is the closest to the stripped back alternative-pop sound she promised and that has undoubtedly been by far the standout track. Where as ‘Sixteen’ is still giving me ‘Delirium’ vibes and whilst that’s not totally a bad thing I was hoping for something a little stronger and less gimmicky for this follow up track. The piano meets EDM ballad comfortably sits somewhere between ‘First Time’ and ‘Still Falling For You’ but gets lost in a even more commercial and tacky delivery. I wanted to feel a lot of emotions but this song doesn’t really do that. Instead it has you reminiscing on your past and thinking about the decisions you’ve made. The bridge is the catchiest part of the song and will have it successfully looping in your head after a first listen. “We’re still counting stars like we were sixteen”. But I can’t get past the atrociously tacky lyrics in the second verse where she manages to incorporate MSN into the reflective storyline. “But years gone and we held on with the best intent. Just two kids who kicked it on MSN”. It was honestly a line that didn’t need to be included in the track and has you instantly questioning why. But sonically while it’s a little tacky it is also very commercially catchy and follows a similar delivery to the successful ‘First Time’. So this song definitely has chart, radio and streaming potential, it’s just not one of my favourite Ellie Goulding moments.