SINGLE REVIEW: Bonnie Anderson – Sorry

It’s been a couple of years in between releases for Bonnie Anderson but if you’ve been following her journey you are well aware that this break would have been worth the wait. After the release of ‘The Ones I Love’ she joined the cast of Neighbours and parted ways with her record label before inking a new partnership with BMG. Following the release of some stripped back covers from her role on the hit TV show, she has finally premiered her comeback single which is a soulful and strong return. ‘Sorry’ follows the suit of her soulful covers and gives you a moody ballad full of reflection, high notes and a whole lot of emotion. Diving deep into a toxic relationship she was in, she questions why she stuck around for so long and finds the empowerment inside of herself to leave. “I’m not giving into you cause the truth still hurts. Lost the man that I used to know. When the truth came out, where did it go. I don’t need you anymore to tell me I’m insane. I’m not coming back to you cause the truth came out of the liars grave”. She captures this raw and high emotion that comes with the subject of toxic relationship. But what she manages to do is turn it from a “pity me” song into an empowering “I made the change and I’m stronger than I ever was” track which is a very important sentiment right now. One of the strongest lyrics that will linger in your mind after you listen is the honest “Sorry won’t turn back time”. In those 5 words she captures the entire mindset of this track and has you thinking about your past relationships. The brooding production is full of soul and instantly draws comparisons to Meg Mac’s recent material. Anderson’s vocals are as powerful and memorable as ever before and this song finally shows her full potential as an artist instead of the throwaway pop songs she was releasing beforehand. Except ‘Blackout’ will forever be a bop.