LIVE REVIEW: Vanessa Amorosi – The Tivoli

Looking back through Vanessa Amorosi’s discography is like being re-acquainted with a long lost best friend. Her music has been the soundtrack of so many of your life memories whether you know it or not. From the disco-pop anthem ‘Absolutely Everybody’ which soundtracked every school dance you could think of to being the song you cheered on the athletes for the 2000 Paralympic Games and the 2002 Commonwealth Games to. Fast forward to the radio dominating hits ‘Perfect’, ‘This Is Who I Am’ and ‘Mr Mysterious’ which sparked her massive comeback and had her topping the charts again. But after the release of her single ‘Amazing’ she took an indefinite hiatus as she soul-searched and started a family. 8 years later and the Australian singer-songwriter is back better than ever before and sounding as confident as she’s ever been. 

With a big early crowd making their way into The Tivoli before Jon Steven’s headline show, they were all excited to see Amorosi take to the stage again after such a long break. As the lights dimmed, a voiceover welcomed her onto the stage. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to The Tivoli for tonights show. Please welcome back from Los Angeles, the one and only Vanessa Amorosi”. With the guitar riff of her new single ‘Heavy Lies The Head’ kicking off the show she immediately showcased her new found vocal strength which had the crowd looking around at each other in shock. With only a 45 minute set she didn’t waste any time by giving the crowd what they want, which was hits, hits and more hits. With ‘Kiss Your Mama’, ‘Mr Mysterious’ and ‘Have A Look’ keeping the energy high she brought it down for a moment with an acoustic rendition of ‘Shine’ before doing a Led Zeppelin cover. “I think it’s time we turn the party up Brisbane. Just remember, if you go crazy then I go crazy” she admitted before the euphoric ‘Perfect’ and the funky deep cut ‘I Want Your Fire’. “You guys kept commenting on my Instagram cover I did of this song so I thought I would bring it to life on stage for you on this tour” she confessed a she intro’d a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’. With her set coming close to an end ‘This Is Who I Am’ continued the singalong’s before the smash hit ‘Absolutely Everybody’ saw her inviting fans to come dance with her on stage. Throughout her whole set she kept her energy high, the hair flicks and banging to a maximum, and kept dancing around in her frilly white dress. Her vocals were out of this world as she showcased a natural rock and soul voice that for years was hiding behind such a clean-cut pop delivery. 

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Photos By Zac Montgomery

Vanessa Amorosi’s new single ‘Heavy Lies The Head’ is out now!

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