SINGLE REVIEW: Tame Impala – Borderline 

Ahead of his massive headlining set at Coachella this weekend, Tame Impala have dropped another brand new track that will have the music world praising their return again. ‘Borderline’ picks up where the disco tinged ‘Patience’ left off and continues to implement their psychedelic and dreamy delivery. But what this track is lacking, is power. It’s common knowledge that Tame Impala hold back from giving you generic hooks and instead invest in giving you complex and interesting production and lyrical ideas instead. They try to give you cinematic soundscapes that have you losing yourself for a moment and having a cool out of body experience. It’s very much stoner music but in the best way possible. It visually creates the trip without the influence of substances and has you floating in that expressive state of mind. This song takes you to that place easily but once your there, the purpose isn’t really made obvious. As I was transported to the chorus I was trying to search for the reason. What was the song about? What were they trying to make me feel? Because at the present time I felt numb as I was unsure of what emotions I was meant to have. As I dived deeper into the meaning of the song after I listened to it, I discovered that it was referencing the in-between moments of a relationship where things could go either way. An interesting concept that had the potential to become another anthemic song in their discography but it just wasn’t taken there.  Instead it just floats in forgettable territory.