SINGLE REVIEW: P!nk feat Cash Cash – Can We Pretend 

P!nk is only halfway through her ‘Beautiful Trauma World Tour’ so it comes with a little confusion that the singer-songwriter is dropping another record in between this album cycle. Is she admitting that ‘Beautiful Trauma’ wasn’t her most cohesive record to date? Is she admitting that maybe she had a different sound she wanted to experiment with? Or is she just feeling creative and wants to put another record out for fun? There’s a lot questions people are asking but she doesn’t seem to care. ‘Can We Pretend’ feat Cash Cash is the third promotional single that hears her continuing this ultra-pop meets electronic sound that she’s been heading towards. In comparison to the other two tracks, this is probably the strongest, the most exciting and the most commercially friendly release yet. However it’s electronic production is pretty predictable. Sonically Cash Cash have just recycled the generic dance sound that is over saturating our radios and playlists. But I guess it works. Luckily for P!nk her songwriting on this track is ace. She reflects on the negatives that impact our lives and questions if we can just pretend for a moment that none of them exist and just live in the moment. “So can we pretend that I’m 22 today, dancing on the tables with you. Can we pretend that we all end up okay, I just want to forget with you”. It has a great sentiment of embracing the positives in our lives currently or in the past and celebrating them. It has a euphoric and fun feel which will have you dancing away.