SINGLE REVIEW: Peking Duk feat. Al Wright – Ur Eyez

They may be only halfway through what has shaped up to be their biggest headlining tour yet but that’s not stopping Peking Duk from releasing another new track for your ears. ‘Ur Eyez’ continues the post summer vibes that ‘Sugar’ introduced with a similar tropical pop feel that pulsates through the hook. However whilst this track is similar melodically, it is the least forgettable one of the two. It doesn’t live up to it’s preceders energy or expectations which characteristically have been formed. The lyrical concept is empowering and interesting but the production just doesn’t take it to new heights. Reflecting on the negatives and positives in your life they weigh up the highs and lows and ponder on the meaning of life. “But you live, you die, you’re meant to cry. Some days you fall and you never believe your eyes. Your tears will dry, that’s life. In one moment it changes, you’ll never believe your eyes”. It has a deep and empowering statement that could’ve been elaborated and represented in a bigger way. It just ends up becoming an easily consumable electronic pop song which is nothing too original or different from what Peking Duk have done in the past except for playing too safe in a time where they should be taking all the risks and impressing.