SINGLE REVIEW: Meg Mac – I’m Not Coming Back

“Where you gonna go to? I’m not coming back”, Meg Mac candidly admits to an ex-lover during the opening line of the soulful chorus of her new single. The release of ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ intertwines with the announcement of the release of her new mini-album ‘Hope’ which will be released on June 7. Fulfilled with her classic soul-pop sound she continues the moody and brooding sound her debut album and EP cemented. The issue is that melodically this song comfortably sits within the same production of her previous material and doesn’t really see her experimenting or growing as an artist. Her distinct sound is quite hard to switch up without compromising her roots so she is stuck in a awkward place. With the implementation of strings this song does have some strong moments but the strongest thing about this track is the songwriting. There is a really confident and empowering undertone to her delivery as she admits she’s not going to go back and finally put herself first. So if you take anything away from this song it should be that. Sadly the rest of it is a little forgettable in amongst the rest of her similar discography.