SINGLE REVIEW: Hey Violet – Better By Myself

It’s been a couple of years in between releases for Hey Violet. The Californian pop-punk outfit made waves in 2016 when they opened for the likes of 5 Seconds Of Summer and gave everyone some fun and angsty tracks. But now they’ve returned with something a little more positive and bolder in many different ways. ‘Better By Myself’ is the pop track you wish you could sing to your ex. And I mean, if you run into them now you probably will be tempted to just blast the hook in their face and walk away. “I’m better by myself. I’m better when there’s no you in my life. You’re no good for my health. You’re no good for my troubled state of mind”. It oozes so much confidence and sass with it’s honest and reflective lyrics that are truly everything anyone has ever wanted to say to their ex. So to say that this song is universally relatable is the understatement of the year. The pop production is refreshing and playful and hears them potentially opening up to a whole new commercial fanbase. It’s a very smart comeback for them as it gives you the level of sass you expect from them but also perfectly introduces their polished new sound.