ALBUM REVIEW: Khalid – Free Spirit 

It’s crazy just how massive Khalid has become over the past couple of years. From being the newcomer that everyone was talking about to now becoming one of the biggest pop-stars in the world, he really has transformed himself as an artist. His sophomore studio album ‘Free Spirit’ hears him continuing the synth soaked R&B-pop fusion that his debut album ‘American Teen’ introduced. However this time around he dives a little deeper and shows a more mature and reflective side of his artistry. With the simply titled ‘Intro’, instead of giving a brief little teased moment he actually gives you a fully fledged track that takes a cinematic approach to it’s moody synth production. Detailing a break-up, he sets the theme of heartbreak well and reflects on how he believes he may be the reason it didn’t work out. From there it gets moodier and darker as he admits his bad luck in the catchy and appropriately titled ‘Bad Luck’ whilst he croons through ‘My Bad’ and ‘Better’. His debut album was full of upbeat and reflective synth tracks that had you dancing, bopping and grooving so it only seems right that he throws it back to that sound for the absolute tune ‘Talk’ which has become a worldwide hit whilst ‘Right Back’ is a hit waiting to be unleashed. It’s got a groovy synth that isn’t over produced and gives you a 90’s vibe that is so in sync to the current musical trends. But the majority of the album sits within this dreamy and moody synth realm that is the perfect soundtrack to your late afternoon road trips or your early morning sunrises. ‘Don’t Pretend’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Twenty One’, ‘Bluffin’ and ‘Self’ perfectly represent this goal that he set out to create. ‘Hundred’ turns up the production with a heavier beat that still manages to perfectly fit in with it’s surrounding tracks. However the albums pure stand out moment comes during the John Mayer collaboration, ‘Outta My Head’. This is everything you ever wanted from Khalid. It’s groovy, lead by a slick guitar riff and just gives you emotion and soul. It also makes sense melodically to have John Mayer feature because it really implements his roots well. The love sick song dives into the lust and obsession that comes when you fall in love and can’t get them out of your head. “Cause the days get brighter when you’re here. So I gotta keep you near. Going crazy and I just can’t get you outta my head”. It transitions into the title track ‘Free Spirit’ which embodies the whole atmosphere of the album which is about figuring life out. From falling in love, to heartbreak, to ambitions, to just figuring out who you are. It’s a journey and that’s what this album represents. From start to finish, be prepared to fall in love, feel emotional and have your heartbroken whilst ready to get lost in the fresh air of life. 

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