LIVE REVIEW: Matt Corby – Brisbane Convention Centre

With the delicate ambient soundtrack of a rainforest echoing through the venue, the mood of the Brisbane Convention Centre was set for a night of high emotions. With Matt Corby walking on stage with his band in tow, the crowd roared with excitement as he stood under the spotlight in front of his keyboard and looked out to the packed venue. “Good evening everybody” he graciously said as the crowd continued to scream and clap at his arrival. “Wow that’s really nice” he added as he looked around at his band in awe of the excitement the crowd was showing. Launching straight into ‘Light My Dart Up’, the dreamy ‘No Ordinary Life’ and the soothing ‘All That I See’, he immediately highlighted his powerful vocals which are so beautiful that you can’t help but feel so relaxed every time he even muttered a word. Jumping onto the drums for ‘New Day Coming’ he made sure he showcased all of his hidden musical talents whilst not showing any sign of vocal sacrifice. ‘Get With The Times’ and ‘All Fired Up’ were soothing piano moments whilst ‘Sooth Lady Wine’ was a jazz meets bluesy guitar track that yet again showed more musical versatility from the very talented singer-songwriter. It came by no surprise that the cooing chorus of ‘Brother’ erupted the whole venue into a massive singalong before he treated them to a gospel inspired rendition of fan favourite ‘Monday’. 

The stage set up was so minimalistic but effective. With his band spread out in front of a giant screen, projections and a full lighting rig transformed this show into a dreamy realm of soothing illusions. It was just enough visuals to enhance the atmospheric vibe he was going for with this record. ‘Better’, ‘Elements’ and ‘Empires Attraction’ which even included a flute solo kept the show rolling before he had the whole venue singing along together again for the epic ‘Resolution’. Corby is a man of very few words but his smile and look of content re-assured the crowd that he was very happy to be on the stage plying for them. With his 90 minute set coming close to an end he bowed out to the funky ‘Souls A’Fire’. As he stepped off stage the crowd began to chant and stomp his name until he reappeared again. “Thank you so much Brisbane. Sorry that we had to do the whole encore song and dance thing but you are so worth it. You were such a delicious crowd tonight” he confessed. With the opening keys of ‘Miracle Love’ blasting through the venue the whole crowd got on their feet and sang along with him one last time. Sometimes minimalism is more and in Matt Corby’s case this was definitely the way it should be. He allowed his vocals, lyrics and band to take centre stage as the moody atmosphere was helped brought to life through dreamy lighting. 

Adding to the simplicity of this tour, Melbourne singer-songwriter Eliott walked onto the stage alone and sat in front of her keyboard for her set as she nervously acquainted herself with the crowd. But as soon as she opened her mouth and sang the first line of ‘Figure It Out’, she was immediately in her comfort zone. With ‘Calling’ and ‘Over & Over’ offering the beautiful and simple piano moments she picked up the guitar for ‘Photographs’ to show a little bit of versatility. Usually Eliott is joined by a full band which allows her to show more of a jazz and blues side to her sound but as a solo act she was still as captivating as ever. “I’m going to play a song I wrote a couple of weeks ago, so just bare with me” she confessed as she road tested another new ballad which was just as emotional and vulnerable as the rest of her discography. Closing her set with the stunning new single ‘Shaking My Hips’ she yet again left the crowd speechless by her flawless vocal delivery and high notes. A true talent. 

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Photos by Lyndon James 

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