SINGLE REVIEW: Jonas Brothers – Cool

The Jonas Brothers are honestly the comeback kings. After a six year hiatus they were tempted to return to music again, and oh how the world is so happy they did. With ‘Sucker’ going number one on the US Billboard charts as well as on the Australian Aria Charts, they made sure everyone knew that they were back bigger and better. To keep the momentum rolling they have dropped another new single which hears them getting a little nostalgic. ‘Cool’ is the mature older brother of an old Jonas Brother song. It’s a groovy mid tempo pop track that oozes cool factor (no pun intended) and also offers a very slick hook. It’s a quirky little track about feeling confident and just embracing who you are. It also injects a cool amount of self-positivity that we all need in our lives. “Lately, I’ve been feeling so cool. Top to the bottom, just cool. Every little thing that I do. Dammit, I’m feeling so cooo-oool”. With their slick harmonies comes a sense of nostalgia that you will instantly love. However this song isn’t as immediately catchy as ‘Sucker’ and doesn’t really create the same level of energy or impact. But in saying that, it’s a good song that their fans will love and appreciate.