SINGLE REVIEW: Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana – Medicine

Jennifer Lopez will always be an icon, let’s not forget that. But recently her music has been questionable. Like, really questionable. It’s as if she’s trying so hard to fit in that she’s no longer being true to herself or really connecting with people because it seems so faux. Ahead of her massive North American tour she’s dropped another new song which hears her teaming up with French Montana to try have some relevance but it doesn’t work. Re-introducing the funk and horn sound which made ‘Get Right’ and Do It Right’ become some of her best songs seemed like a fool proof plan on paper. But in reality, the song just sounds recycled and uninspired. And don’t even get me started on French Montana’s unnecessary rap which brings nothing outstanding to the table. The most interesting thing about this track is the storyline which calls out players and tells them that they need to have a taste of their own medicine. “Think you need some medicine. I could be your medicine, yeah. Think you need some medicine. Give you a taste of what you give out”. It’s sassy and classic JLO to the t, I just wish it was executed in a bigger and bolder way because it has the potential. At this stage I’m questioning if she will ever have a global smash like ‘On The Floor’ or ‘Aint Your Mama’ again because I’m starting to doubt it with her lack of innovation when it comes to releasing music.