SINGLE REVIEW: Alison Wonderland – Peace

Over the past couple of years Alison Wonderland has mastered the art of combining vulnerability with EDM music which has always prior been looked upon as a bit of a joke. People would always say that you can’t made a vulnerable or emotional EDM track but Alison Wonderland was one of the first to prove them wrong. And now it’s pretty much become a genre in itself with everyone embracing songs that make you want to cry and dance at the same time. Following the release of her critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘Awake’ and a massive sold out tour and festival run she’s dropped a catchy new track. ‘Peace’ will have you feeling all your emotions again as she searches for closure after a heartbreaking revelation that left her feeling broken. “Someday I’ll be better. Now that you’re gone, I’ll burn all your letters and right all your wrongs. Right now, I am barely off of my knees but someday I’ll find peace”. It’s a song that feels a lot like therapy because she just says all her emotions and puts it all out into the universe. And it will encourage you to unleash your emotions and search for peace within your own problems and situations. The production is very similar to the material that she included on ‘Awake’ and continues those open and reflective vibes. It also proves that she can still write bangers because they just keep on coming.