SINGLE RELEASE: Vanessa Amorosi – Heavy Lies The Head

Vanessa Amorosi is an Australian icon in her own right. I mean with songs like ‘Absolutely Everybody’, ‘Shine’, ‘Perfect’, ‘This Is Who I Am’ and ‘Mr Mysterious’ in her back catalogue she’s undoubtedly made quite the impact throughout her career. After a massive eight year hiatus the singer-songwriter is back bolder and more ready than ever before. ‘Heavy Lies The Head’ serves as the lead single from her forthcoming fifth studio album and is a bold gospel meet rock track that cites influences from the likes of Hozier and P!nk. It’s a very big directional change from her more pop centred tracks that were released in the mid 2000’s but there has always been a strong rock roots that has come through songs like ‘Kiss Your Mama’, ’19 Turning Point’ and even ‘This Is Who I Am’. It’s just that this song lives more in that moment and is less polished with it’s pop styling and is more re-directed towards a gospel feeling. Which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as she’s worked on a seperate gospel record with Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics which is currently sitting in the vault. But this song still holds onto her signature strong vocals and gives you those nostalgic Vanessa Amorosi vibes in a even bigger way. It’s a song that may struggle at radio because it is so different to what people are used to from her but hopefully people can appreciate the lyrical vulnerability and sonical power this song radiates. And also appreciate the artistic growth that someone can go through when trying to be true to themselves and their artistry.