SINGLE RELEASE: Kilter feat. Yorke – Overdrive

Truth is, Sydney producer Kilter knows how to create quite the underground banger. And Byron Bay newcomer Yorke knows how to bring the heavy emotions to anything she writes. So of course a collaboration between these two rising acts was always going to be a decent affair. ‘Overdrive’ is a dreamy pop track that transforms Yorke’s indie-pop sound into the EDM realm of beat drops and big festival ready hooks that Kilter is familiar with. But at the same time it’s quite a step out of the alternative world Kilter has previously lived in and really does step towards that big pop market. It’s a song with a whole lot of potential for both artists and will help them introduce each other to a bigger and diverse crowd. The lyrics are quit simple and address the feelings when someone just changes all your opinions and falling and has too feeling a bit clumsy around me. “Send me into overdrive’. It has quite a wholesome and honest feel to it and feels quite similar to the sound that Eves Karydas recently perfected on her debut album which is another dreamy and captivating listen.