SINGLE RELEASE: Eilish Gilligan – Keep Up

Over the past couple of years Eilish Gilligan has been evolving into an artist full of maturity, vulnerability and has explored a heavy experimentation with her production. With every single release her songwriting has got stronger and her sonical ideas have got darker whilst allowing listeners to take a walk through her mind. From the magical stylings of S.M.F.Y, to the anthemic hook of ‘Patterns’, to the stripped down nature of ‘The Pull’, it was uncertain to where she would go next. But ‘Keep Up’ hears her keeping you on yours toes as she introduces a cinematic power ballad that transforms itself into a big moody singalong during the hook. The structure is a little similar to ‘Patterns’ with the musical growth but it is also quite aesthetically different. Starting off soft and timid, the song addresses the ups and downs that comes along with your insecurities and hears her trying to take pride in who she is as a person. “I can’t keep you with you. I can’t take a joke. Can’t let go, down I go”. The chorus hears her introducing a bold confidence where she takes ownership of how she feels and vows to try change that. It has a very distinct sound and grows that cinematic feel that her previous songs implemented. It’s a strong continuation for her artistry and will have you falling further in love with her uniqueness.