LIVE REVIEW: Anne-Marie – Eatons Hill Hotel

Bursting at the seams with a whole lot of energy and personality, Anne-Marie’s debut Brisbane show was one her fans won’t be forgetting any time soon. The English singer-songwriter has topped the charts multiple times over the past couple of years with hits that you can’t get out of your head and continue to remain on heavy rotation on radio stations globally. Because of this she had a very diverse fanbase packing into the Eatons Hill Hotel ballroom ranging from the 18+ only dancefloor to the all ages balcony where parents stood with their young kids eagerly awaiting the popstar’s arrival. 

With the Saturday night energy in full swing, Sydney pop trio Glades kicked off the nights proceedings with their euphoric tracks ‘Nervous Energy’ and ’80 Miles’. “What’s Up Brisbane?!” lead singer Karina Wykes yelled out to the excited crowd as she looked out into the massive venue. And for the remaining 25 minutes of their set they brought a lot of energy, dancing vibes and pure feel good moments. ‘Not About You’, ‘Neon Buzz’ and ‘Sweetheart’ showcased tracks from their debut album ‘To Love You’ whilst they also touched base on their popular Feki collaboration ‘Love You Better’. They are the sort of band that you will want to continue watching and 30 minutes seemed way to short as they wrapped up their set with the absolute banger ‘Do Right’. So much positive and feel good energy radiated from their opening set that it perfectly prepared everyone for what was about to happen next. 

With police sirens blasting through the venue, the chorus of ‘Bad Girlfriend’ started to get louder and louder until Anne-Marie ran out onto the stage screaming “Brisbane!” and launching into the sassy opening track. Commenting straight away that it was already hot in the venue she confessed that she wanted to take off her jacket but couldn’t as it would ruin her outfit aesthetic. Swearing that she would keep it on for a few more songs she jumped into Cry’, ‘Do It Right’ and ‘Heavy’. After finishing that track she starting laughing at herself as she admitted that she couldn’t coordinately clap and sing at the same time like the audience was as she was sadly not Beyonce. And this sort of playful banter continued throughout the rest of the night as she made fun of herself, rolled her eyes at lyrics about her exes and made plenty of visual and hilarious facials. The self-love anthem ‘Perfect To Me’ and the funky ‘Trigger’ followed before she introduced ‘Ciao Adios’ by saying “this one is about one of my exes, I hate him” before bursting into laughter. She kept the funky vibes coming with ‘Can I Get Your Number’, ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Then’ before she told the crowd the story behind her massive breakthrough hit ‘Alarm’. “This one is about another one of my exes *laughs*. We went to Ibiza together and we were out one night at a club and he stayed out with his mates whilst I went to bed. He came back in the morning and started cuddling me and all I could smell was another girl on his chest”. With the crowd on her side screaming in support, I think we know who really won in this situation. 

An impromptu acapella version of ‘Rockabye Baby’ broke through the crowd which had Anne-Marie looking on in awe before her band kicked into the full live version. She jumped into the crowd and ran across the front row hugging and high giving fans as well as also signing some posters before realising that she still had a show to finish. “Sorry I get so distracted! If iIcould I would run through the whole venue and hug and touch you all”. With the energetic show coming to an end it only seemed fitting that she closed the show with her mega two hits ‘2002’ and ‘Friends’ which dominated at radio last year. 

Her personality is so infectious that you can’t help but fall in love with her. She commands your attention with her playful banter and genuine connection as she belts through the songs and rocks out with her in-sync band. It was a show full of high energy and impressive moments that confirmed her status as a pop-star on the rise. 

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Photos by Jordan Rogers Smith

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