SINGLE REVIEW: Zara Larsson – Don’t Worry Bout Me

Zara Larsson’s sophomore studio album was fiery, addictive and lush but I did expect it to have a bigger impact than it ended up happening. Because not only was the songwriting great but the production was almost pop perfection. Her follow up single ‘Ruin My Life’ was everything anyone wanted it to be; sassy, relatable and oh so catchy. So with the expectations set high her next release was always going to be heavily put under the microscope. ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ is a tropical house meets pop track that sits within the same sonical space as Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’. It’s one of those songs that has such a good groove and when it’s playing you will dance and sing along but as soon as it finishes you kinda forget about it. After listening to it multiple times I’m still finding it hard to even remember the hook which hasn’t happened with her music in the past. It’s a little disappointing because the lyrics are so strong and have a sass to them that you want to feel on a spiritual level. “Don’t worry ’bout me, you should worry ’bout you. Keep doing what you do best, babe. That’s loving only yourself, babe”. The song almost serves as a sequel to ‘Ruin My Life’ as it continues the storyline and looks at not caring about your ex and being ready to move on. It’s such a cathartic moment which is cute but ultimately deserved a bigger spotlight.