SINGLE REVIEW: The Veronicas – Think Of Me

It’s been a long time coming but prepare yourself because the Australian music treasures that are The Veronicas are back better than ever before. ‘Think Of Me’ serves as the sassy, empowering and emotional return that you could have only dreamt of. Soaked in nostalgic 80’s synths this song is the love child of Madonna and Rita Ora as they give you old school emotions with new wave pulsating synths. This song leaves nothing to the imagination and that’s the only way we would want it. Detailing the ups and downs of a toxic relationship they question if their ex-partner even misses them now that they are gone after everything they put them through. It’s the honest question that people who have been through emotional manipulation question because did the other person ever actually care or was it all just a game to them and are they just going to move on to their next victim? “You got initials around my neck. One of a kind, she have one yet? And I bet you charge her rent to sleep at your house And if she’s ever late, I bet you kick her out”. They mix up this honest confession of emotions with a sassy delivery of lyrics that will have you ready to scream the lyrics at their next live show. “Do you miss me in your sheets? Do you miss me in your bed? The way we talk all night, the way I give you head?”. However one of my favourite lyrics in the song is when they countdown how many days it has been since they left their emotional abuser and stood up for themselves. “It’s been 5 months, 9 hours, 42 seconds since I left home. It’s been 5 months, 9 hours, 42 seconds since I let go”. Because it really showcases that they’ve taken control of the situation and grown which is an empowering sentiment. It perfectly masters the mix of emotions and playfulness that all their previous music embodied and really confirms that they are back stronger than ever.